Reasons to Study in Later Life

Further education is wasted on the young. Yes, they enjoy the parties, and their first taste of freedom, but do they truly appreciate the education? Sure, a lot probably do, but not all. Besides which, who really knows what they want to do with the rest of their lives when they fill in a college application at 17 or 18? A lot of us don’t figure that out until much later in life. And it’s often completely different from what we studied in school. Fortunately, with the huge rise in online study, university isn’t just for the young. You can return to education at any point.  Here are some of the reasons to consider it.

You Enjoy Learning

Education doesn’t necessarily need to lead to anything. You may just have a love of learning that you would like to satisfy. This might be to learn something totally new, or to further your education on a topic you are already familiar with. You may have worked your whole life as a nurse, but now find you want to further your knowledge, or explore a new side of the profession. In which case a BSN to DNP online from Bradley University would be a great option for you. Or maybe you just want to take up a new hobby, and taking a course would help you get started.

You Want to Try a New Career

Much like there’s no age limit on education, there’s also no age limit on trying a new career. There is no rule that says after a certain age you can only do one thing. You may even decide to return to work after retirement. A lot of retired people miss the routine and social aspects of work, choosing to find a part time job. Often a course can help you find something new you enjoy. Or you might just want to continue to progress on your current path. Online doctoral nursing programs help seasoned nurses take on more challenging roles and responsibilities.

You Want to Keep Up

IT or computer science courses are incredibly popular with those returning to education after a gap. The development of technology over the last 10 years has been staggering, and it isn’t slowing down. Children today learn on tablets, and about the internet and technology at school. Those of us that didn’t learn technology at school, have to catch up with the knowledge in our own time, and it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are working, or own your own business, keeping up to date with current advancements might be essential to your career. Or you might just want to keep up with your family and friends, and find new ways to communicate with them and share their lives.

Age doesn’t need to be a barrier for anything. It can actually make things a lot more fun. While you probably value your time and money a lot more than you did when you were younger, you also value and appreciate education and the gaining of knowledge, making now a perfect time to study.

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