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Today was Sedona’s last day with us. She was a lab-border collie mix that we got 15 years ago. She was a faithful and loving companion who made the move with us from Kentucky to Costa Rica – along with Oliver, Derby and Sofi. Our home-ownership corporation is called SeDolSoDer… using the letters from each of their names.

Oliver died shortly after we arrived in Costa Rica from a kidney disease we think he brought with him – but the others were healthy and happy. Sedona just got too old for her hind legs to support her. This past weekend it was obvious that walking on tile floors was becoming almost impossible for her without her back legs splaying out. A couple times in the night I awoke to find her struggling to get her legs under her. I had to support her until the strength came back.

She wasn’t getting any younger and the future was looking bleak. I was afraid to leave her alone.

She will be missed by all of us.

On the ride home, there was a dramatic sunset.

I’m calling it the Sedona Sunset.

UPDATE: Nancy did a much better job with Sedona’s history with the family. Plus there is a great photo album with some funny pics of Sedona.  Click Here.

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