Baby It’s Code Outside: I Remember HTML

A bunch of Brooklyn high school kids are learning to code. Around 20 students from Achievement First University Prep High School travelled to Codeacademy‘s Chelsea office on Wednesday to participate in an Hour of Code. The event was held in the spirit of Computer … Continue reading

Twelve Days of Christmas for the Dull Men’s Club

The Dull Men’s Club has announced their gift ideas for the dull man in your life… up to a point. Being dull men who run the club, they only offered up three gift ideas (the first three) for the twelve … Continue reading

Time for A New Internet Time Suck: All of My Post Images In One Place. Random? You Betcha!

Here let this whet your appetite. Caution: Nudity and Offensiveness Will Occur It’s time once again boys and girls for a round-up of all my blog post images. Perhaps the most random selection of images you will ever see on … Continue reading

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