Cone of Shame Classic – The Game Show

Inevitable… the game show using the cone of shame as a prop.

Rain Report – August 2014 Atenas Costa Rica

It’s been a dry August.

If you can call 12 1/2″ of rain during the month, dry… which the locals do. Dry enough that people are referring to a water shortage and locals are hoping for rain. Last year we got 10 1/2″ so I think we’re doing OK…

And like last year, 4 1/4″ of rain came in a couple hours one day (August 23.) Pretty dramatic.

And loud.

Cone of Shame Classic – kid gets up close and personal


5 low cost cell phone plans for boomer/geezers

Here are five low cost, no-contract plans for the social senior living in the U.S.:

  1. $20 Unlimited Talk and Text —PTel Mobile, one of America’s original no-contract wireless companies, just launched five new unlimited no-contract plans starting at only $20/month. The $20/month plan offers unlimited talk and text and customers are able to keep their current phone number and bring their own compatible GSM phone. By making the switch today, seniors can even receive their second month of service free.
  2. $29 Unlimited Everything — GIV Mobile’s NEW “Unlimited Everything” plans, now with LTE, start at $29/month for unlimited talk, text and data. Plus, GIV Mobile donates 8% of every customer’s monthly bill to up to three charities that seniors care about such as the Alzheimer’s Association and American Cancer Society.  They also offer a second month free when consumers bring their number from another carrier.
  3. Value Plus Mobile® Senior Cell Phone Plan — Starting at $9.99/month, Value Plus Mobile offers 60 Nation Wide Anytime Minutes and any additional minute for only 22 cents. With a one time activation fee of $35, seniors of any age can try Value Plus Mobile for 30 days or 30 minutes of talk risk free with their Money Back Guarantee.
  4. GoPlan 24 — For $24.99/month, Jitter Bug provides 50 minutes a month, medication reminders and health and safety extras such as brain games. For an additional $99.00, seniors may purchase the newest Jiiterbug5 phone that features a larger keypad and a 5Star button that instantly connects seniors to professional 5Star agents when assistance is needed.
  5. Flex Plan — Pure Talk USA  offers 130 minutes of talk and text (each text is considered 1/3 of a minute) for at least $10.00/month. Seniors have the option to add 150 MB of data to surf the internet or check emails for an additional $9.95/month.

Rainfall sparse in Atenas Costa Rica During July 2014



That illustrates pretty much the hardest rain that fell during July. Normally July in the Atenas Costa Rica region gets the rainy season well under way.

This year, not so much… we only had 3 inches of rain that came on two different days. A few other days during the month were just drizzly. A Tico would call it pelo de gato or “hair of the cat” rain. Generally it’s been hot and dry.

Compared to last year for the same month…

We had 7 1/4 inches of rain in July at Sedolsoder and that came in just a few days. Long term residents say this is pretty typical – that there is a dry spell during this time of year. We have had a week here and there without ANY measurable rain.

The government is already warning that because of the lack of water, electricity bills will increase because the hydroelectric plants need to utilized diesel generating to meet the countries power demands.

Not good news for the new president and on the heels of a 15% price increase already in place.

thanks for the illustration.


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