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The Boomer List According to NPR

Disappointment abounds around Going Like Sixty… that I wasn’t asked for my opinion about The Boomer List premiering Nationwide Tuesday, September 23 on PBS.

American Masters: The Boomer List, attempts to tells the story of the boomer generation through the lives of 19 iconic boomers–one born each year of the baby boom:

  • 1946 Tim O’Brien, Vietnam vet / author
  • 1947 Deepak Chopra, M.D., New Age guru
  • 1948 Samuel L. Jackson, actor
  • 1949 Billy Joel, singer-songwriter
  • 1950 Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple Computer
  • 1951 Tommy Hilfiger, fashion designer
  • 1952 Amy Tan, author
  • 1953 Eve Ensler, playwright
  • 1954 Julieanna Richardson, founder, The HistoryMakers
  • 1955 Maria Shriver, journalist
  • 1956 Kim Cattrall, actor
  • 1957 Virginia Rometty, CEO, IBM
  • 1958 Ellen Ochoa, Director, Johnson Space Center
  • 1959 Ronnie Lott, athlete
  • 1960 Erin Brockovich, environmentalis
  • 1961 Peter Staley, AIDS activist
  • 1962 Rosie O’Donnell, entertainer
  • 1963 David LaChapelle, artist
  • 1964 John Leguizamo, actor

Interviews by filmmaker/photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (The Black List, The Latino List, The Out List) focus on these individuals’ exceptional achievements, struggles and identities, sharing the experiences of these extraordinary Americans and the history they lived through and often created. Subjects illuminate the key movements and changes that shaped the world during the baby boom years, discussing the environment; arts and entertainment; science; civil, LGBT and women’s rights; law; politics; public service; sports; the military; technology and media.

 “When I learned about this year’s boomer milestone, I came up with the idea for The Boomer List. The film captures the boomer generation’s dynamic spirit through 19 distinct ‘American Masters’ who had a profound effect on our world.”

says Greenfield-Sanders, whose past films include About Face: Supermodels Then and Now and American Masters – Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart.

Apparently he didn’t think enough of the generation to interview a plain old boomer… like say, MOI!

The Boomer List is a celebration of this generation’s impact on American culture. It is impossible to encapsulate in just a few words, but thanks to the talent both on camera and behind the lens, this remarkable film offers an incredible chorus of voices that somehow captures the zeitgeist of this era,”

says Michael Kantor, executive producer of American Masters.

Yeah, we’ll see… you’ve been warned PBS American Masters.

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The Costa Rica Adventures Have Ended – It’s Now Routine (Almost)

Me, Sedona and Derby shortly after arriving in Costa Rica.

Me, Sedona and Derby shortly after arriving in Costa Rica.

After moving to Costa Rica three years ago, we had a lot of adventures. Early on almost ever day brought a new and different experience. Nancy called them “adventures.”  The adventures became less frequent and now I think it’s safe to say that after three years we are feeling a routine.

Here are some ways the adventures have changed to routine:

  • We learned: spanish numbers well enough to pay the exact amount rather than handing over a large bill – or a handful of coins for the clerks to help themself.
  • We learned: to not question the bureaucracy – never ask “why” – we have renewed our CR driver’s licenses, renewed our residency, renewed our car plates and passed the required inspection, paid property taxes, paid bills, etc. etc. The adventures attached to each of those tasks have almost become routine.
  • We learned: there truly is no “routine” in Costa Rica. Often the task can be still become an adventure based on the person behind the counter.
  • We learned: enough caveman spanish and pantomime gestures to communicate with almost anyone.
  • We learned: how to maneuver our way through the various medical service providers, both private and public.
  • We learned: how to get a fender re-attached to a car after a bad encounter with the gate-post.


For sure, I just put the jinx on us… we’ll call it an adventure…


My friend, and Corvette builder, Jim told me the last time he visited that our road was “chewing up my tires.”

Today I retired the front two tires.

TireWear_2_500px TireWear500px

I bought four new tires, on June 11, 2013… didn’t note the mileage, but I promise you the above tires have only a few thousand miles (if that) of wear.

I saved the paperwork for the 48 month “guarantee” but didn’t expect much in the way of an adjustment. Yes, it was for 48 months with no limit on mileage.

I wasn’t disappointed, I got nada.

The tires were bought from Pricesmart. PriceSmart Inc. is the largest operator of membership warehouse clubs. The Price Co. and Costco Wholesale Club merge, forming Price/Costco Inc  so I was hopeful they would honor their written guarantee and at least give me a discount on replacing the tires.


I was lucky that a gringo who was fluent in Spanish was standing at the counter the same time I was. He translated for me. First they tried to blame me for not bringing the tires in sooner so they could make an adjustment. I told them I just noticed the tires falling apart last week. (True.)

Then they asked me what kind of road I drove on. Being an honest guy at heart, I said we lived on a dirt road. In a nutshell, they said the tires were designed for highway driving not off-road.

My new gringo friend lobbied on my behalf to get an adjustment… including using a Costa Rica phrase that roughly translated meant if you don’t shed tears, you don’t get help… they laughed, but stood firm.

No deals. Pay full price.

Because I drove my car on a dirt road, they refused to honor the written guarantee.

I agreed to their offer… and then they said they only had ONE tire of the right size.

So we left and went the AutoPits store and retired.

Loved their waiting room chairs. These are the most comfortable chairs in Costa Rica.




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