Our car has been sensored.

The other day it refused to start. Battery was strong, full of gas, was not over-heated, but no go.

I tried it multiple times without any luck.

I had installed a new remote door opener so I blamed that. I hitched a ride to the shop that installed it and after a long discussion was convinced that the remote he installed was not to blame. I called my mechanic and he picked me up and we went to the car still sitting in the parking lot.

Of course, it started like it was brand new – ON THE FIRST TRY.

I headed home and made it the whole way without a glitch. A little later, I took off in the car and within a few minutes it stalled.  After waiting a few minutes it started! This was repeated many times.

Very mysterious.

Long story a little shorter, Freddy, my mechanic, diagnosed it as either a bad crankshaft sensor or a bad camshaft sensor.

He was right. Both sensors needed to be replaced. From time of first problem to time of it being fixed: seven days. Four of them we were without a car.

Beeman Helps Invaders Buzz Off


Bees were swarming around this guy the whole time. The hive is in the dark spot just above his head.


Just when you need a good beekeeper, they are looking at houses somewhere in the Smokey Mountains! Tom and Lee, who used to live in Atenas were beekeepers in their past life before moving to Costa Rica. They have since moved back to the U.S. just when we needed them.

Julio, the guy that installed our water tank, pointed out to us a bee invasion near the road a long way from our house. He said he would come get them someday because he was a beekeeper.

He waited too long.

A couple of guys in an “official” looking truck pulled up and asked me if it was OK if he took the bees because they were dangerous to people walking along the road.

Within a matter of 15 minutes, the bees were safely tucked away in a box on their way to God-knows-where.  The “boss” fired up a smoker, gave them a few puffs and reached in to remove the combs. He did this without ANY protection. His helper on the other hand, suited up in total protective garb!

We’ve been told that bees will also be relocated by local fire departments.


Street Signs Making an Appearance in Atenas


Atenas is another step closer to having real street addresses – at least in the central business district. Street signs will be installed!

Previously, a business was known by it’s location in relation to another business or landmark… eg: across the street from the church.  50 meters from the Justice Center.  (a block – no matter how long – equals 100 meters)

Now the streets will at least have names and numbers. It will be interesting to see how business chose to number themselves. And how long the signs remain in place. I’m not optimistic that we will soon see Pop’s Ice Cream Shop – located at the Corner of Avenida 1 and Calle 6.

Here’s the announcement from the municipality…

• The signs will be installed in the quadrants of the central district of Atenas in the province of Aajuela. Between 3 and 14 and 5 and 10.
• will be placed 52 posts and 104 peañas vial of nomenclature to identify the streets and avenues for his name. With the aim of promoting both the inhabitants of the Canton, shops, and people from foreign countries who visit us, or choose to reside in our town.
• It is a partnership between the city of Athens, National Bank and development association of Santa Eulalia, through participation in the project productive in communities in the area of social responsibility of the national bank.
• An agreement was signed between the company hired and the association of holistic development of Santa Eulalia since the funds provided by the national bank should be channelled through an association formed by law 3859.
• the materials to build these signals are plastic wood, which are 100 % Recycled; equals seventy thousand plastic bottles of 600 ml equivalent to 2111 pounds of material recycled plastic.
• the total cost of the project is 9 700 000 colones; providing the national bank of Costa Rica 8 000 000 colones for the development of the signs and the municipality 1 700 000 Colones, for the installation of the lettering and the design of the project.

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