Earn a Living Anywhere


Earning a living gets more difficult as the years go on there’s no doubt about it – so sometimes you need to be a little bit more innovative, to make some cash without having to have a 9-5 job and that’s why we thought we would let you know all about some passive income ideas, so you can earn some cash but with minimal effort.

Selling Stuff on eBay

You know what they say, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure, so it’s definitely worth looking out some of the stuff you have and see if it’s worth selling it on eBay.  This site is fantastic for auctioning off stuff so you never know how much money you could make.  Are there some DVD’s that you no longer watch?  How about a fancy dress costume that hasn’t seen the light for a good few years?  Have a look through your wardrobes and drawers and see what could be worth selling!

Online Gambling

We can already see that you are a bit dubious about this one but online gambline can certainly make you some money!  There are some great gaming sites out there that offers free money where you could win real money prizes.  As well as being a way to earn a passive income it’s also a whole load of fun too. Click here to be taken to a site that will tell you everything you need to know about online casinos including how to bag yourself a freebie!

Paid Surveys

If you have some time on your hands, a great way to earn a few pounds is to complete some passive surveys.  You can do this by having a look online and seeing what’s out there.  You will no doubt find lots of companies looking to do some market research – and all you need to do is fill in a few forms and answer some questions to get some rewards.  It may not always be cold, hard cash that they offer – but it could be vouchers or gifts that could be just as good!


Is there something in particular that you have a great interest in? Well blog about it! Yup make sure you write articles each day and sell advertising space on your blog.  The more people visit your website, the more clicks you get and the more revenue that you will generate.  This could start turning in to regular revenue for you, and definitely something that advertisers would be interested in too.  You don’t need to have a super fancy website to post your blogs on either, these days it’s really easy to make your own if you are a bit of a technophobe.

Freelance Writing

If you don’t want to create the blog section or space by yourself – why not write for someone else?  Whether you are interested in cooking, music, bingo, restaurants or whatever else – you will always find someone looking for content written on it.  That way you can make money on your terms and in the comfort of your own home, you can’t get more convenient than that.

That’s more than enough ways to get started – are you ready to make some passive income?  You could write, sell stuff you don’t need, advertise on your own free time or even take surveys!  There should be something to suit everyone – and all without moving from your sofa.

Two Pines Strong – Dos Pinos Fuerte


Winner, Winner chicken dinner!

The local grocery store is having a special promotion on Dos Pinos brand milk.

Buy a half-gallon and get a chance to win a prize. Since we needed milk anyway, and the chica by the milk display was very persuasive, I bought a half-gallon.

But to win, I had to show my strength by hammering a striker good enough to ring the bell.


Except the one I took a shot at was four feet tall.

And it took me two tries.

I won a plastic drinking cup.

Milk and Cookies for everyone!

I Can’t Handle Being a Well Known Blogger

For bloggers there is a certain warm feeling, that despite what you write on your blog, the chances of meeting anyone in person someone who reads the blog are pretty slim. The chances of meeting someone who reads your blog well enough to quote your own stories back to you is REALLY rare.

It happened.

La Finca Pizzaria

La Finca Pizzaria

Bek and Victoria invited us to La Finca Pizzaria along with their friends Mike and Karen. Nancy and Victoria have the same birthdays and love of shopping, so they have been buddies for a long time.

But we just met Mike and Karen and they actually admitted that they read BOTH our blogs. Regularly. Enough to quote back to use posts that we had long since forgotten we had written.

Mike asked if I was going to start wearing “big boy” pants based on this post

Mike had met Nancy briefly once before. They were in Dra. Candy’s waiting room and he asked Nancy if she had an Aunt Francis who was 100 years old!

She does. And she wrote about it here.

Mike commented at dinner that he noticed that Nancy had bumped her Aunt Francis celebrating her 100th birthday off the front page of her blog, and Nancy admitted that she only wrote new stuff because he said something to her the first time they met and she felt guilty about not writing.

Karen asked me if I was Going Like Sixty. Sometimes I’m uneasy admitting that I am. I’ve written some pretty provocative stuff in the past… but I owned up to the authorship.

As the night wore on… Mike referred  to these blog posts.

And Karen said she read Keeping You in Stitches and Mi Chunche regularly.

Victoria noted: “Be careful what you say, it could end up in their blogs.”

She’s right.

Ema, Bek, Victoria

Ema, Bek, Victoria

Karen and Mike

Karen and Mike


How NOT to Impress Costa Rica Politicians


Municipal Building Downtown Atenas

I attended my first town council meeting.


I got thrown out of my first town council meeting.


Monday evening, some of the residents of Guacimo de Atenas decided to register their displeasure with lack of action to repair the road from Atenas to Guacimo.. They had already done an impromptu blockage of the road.

We decided that I should attend the meeting as a show of support for our neighbors. I wrote out a little speech to deliver in Spanish and everything.

They threw me out before I could deliver it.

I was wearing shorts.

The council meets in a typical government meeting room. Desks placed in a “U” shape with microphones for the elected officials. The public was seated in folding chairs and on benches around the perimeter of the room.

I arrived early and took a seat on a bench in the corner, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.  The room quickly filled with officials and members of the public – 30 people in all.

The first order of business was to swear in newly elected officials.

They read their second order of business and voted.

Alcaldesa: Querima Bérmudez V.

Mayor of Atenas Querima Bérmudez V.

Then the woman running the meeting (not the mayor) made a statement, looked at me, and every head in the room swiveled and looked RIGHT AT ME.

I made a goofy embarrassed face and stood. I said (in spanish) that my spanish was not very good and I didn’t understand. As per usual, she said the same thing – and everybody looked at me AGAIN.  A woman in the back said

“El no comprendo.”

A young man caught my eye and said (in english) “You can’t be in the meeting wearing short pants.”

I would have been very happy if a sink hole would have opened beneath me and I disappeared forever.

It didn’t. I got thrown out.

I said in spanish “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. It is my fault. Please excuse me.”

Getting thrown out is hyperbole of course. Everybody was very understanding. They said I was welcome to sit on the bench outside and listen through the windows. A woman soon followed me out and pointed to her knee length pants and did the circle-the-ear gesture and said. “Loco.”



After I took my place on the bench, Carmen, a council member who spoke english came out and explained the reason I was thrown out.  She asked if I was with the Guacimo contingent to address the meeting. If so, she could be happy to stand with me in the doorway and translate. Very very nice gesture.

The meeting continued and I could not understand ONE. DAMN. WORD. A combination of amplified spanish, cars, motos, and bus traffic, pretty much guaranteed that I was doomed.

BUT...As they say in the newspaper business, I’ve “buried the lead.”

Our road will be asphalted.

Not clear if the work will start in June or be finished in June. Like now, this year!

I’ll believe it when I see it. But everybody in the meeting seemed convinced that the road will be asphalt. I gave a ride back to Guacimo to seven Ticos and they were chatting and laffing and making plans for the improvement. They are already looking forward to getting pizza in Escobal!

There were ideas for fiestas and a tope to celebrate.

I will be there in shorts.

UPDATE: I guess we were flat-out lied to… an attorney that works for the municipality contact the federal highway commission (CONAVI) and they told him they didn’t know anything about the meeting… and had no plans to do anything. The attorney said he would make a request for road improvement.




Twitter Kindles a Ferris State College Memory

Hallisy Hall Ferris State University
I’m enjoying the Twitter a lot these days. It’s enabled some intercourse with people who I’ve never met face-to-face. AND BTW, aren’t you glad they call it Social Media rather than Social Intercourse? Anyways…

As I’m scrolling through the Tweets today, this pops up:

I thought the dorm featured in the video looked familiar.

Sure enough, Hallisy Hall still stands.

Hallisy Hall was where I lived for the two best years of my life. Ferris State College Class of ’69.  I lived there in 1966-68. At the time, it was one of the dorms with larger “suites.”  Two dorm rooms attached by a bathroom. I had one roommate and two “suite-mates.” I remember getting funny looks when I referred to my “suite-mates.”

My first stay at Hallisy Hall, I roomed with a Resident Assistant (RA.)  It was supposed to be a temp assignment until somebody dropped out and I could move in with another freshman.  It never happened. Probably was a good thing because he was older, more responsible, and more mature. Role model, and all that.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

There were no co-ed dorms at Ferris State College (now Ferris State University) so it was a building overflowing with testosterone. One of the features that made Hallisy Hall desirable was the fact that our meals were eaten in the Student Center (other colleges would call it The Union.)  There were three other dorms that ate in the same place – all females.

Not that was important to me, because Nancy and I had a “thing.” She was attending Western Michigan University about 100 miles away.

The guys that lived in Hallisy Hall did our best to knock it down.

I’m glad it’s still standing.

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