Hiding Reality

kkkmargaretsanger If we have learned anything during the last election, we have learned that it’s easy to hide reality.

As Abe Lincoln once said “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Being around newspaper people my whole career, it was drummed into be to “trust, but verify” and follow the old bromide “if your mother says she loves you, check it out…”

More than once, newspapers I worked at were burned by fake obituaries, or obits that had some fakery attached. That’s easy to do. Who lies about life and death? Sometimes it was a fake (or omitted) family member but I can recall one totally fake obit placed maliciously as a prank.

Now there is just so much crap on the internet that EVERY person should be checking sources when they see a story that they want to share. Do you really want to be the person that is spreading half-truths or out-right lies on the internet? Some are pranks, meant to create a chuckle. Others are total fabrications meant to mislead and misinform. The internet is very good at hiding reality. And of course, depending on your gullability and belief in traditional media, you may be fooled. I have been fooled.

At our house there has  been some tense moments because Nanc’ will read me a story, and I’ll ask her the source… usually the answer is “Facebook” or “BuzzFeed.” Which are not sources. They are media. That is the equivalent to saying the source is the New York Times or CBS. They are media, they talk to people who are sources.  I trust them to check vet their source before they publish a story…

And remember, media doesn’t distribute the “truth” they distribute what people tell them. Hopefully they are “facts” but remember “facts” can change also!

My “unfollow” feature on Facebook has been active this past election cycle. It’s a nice feature and has reduced my stress level as I see people I have “friended” succumb to linking to totally fake stories. It’s getting so easy to hide reality.  Anyone with half a brain can create an email and forward it to like-minded people who might forward and so on and so on.

Everyone is familiar with photo edition programs that can create fake photos.   Video editing allows stories to be created that totally change the meaning of the person speaking. Coming soon will be audio editing software that can learn a persons speaking patterns and create an audio file that appears to be legitimate, when it is total fakery.

Hiding reality is a thing.

Don’t be fooled. Be a skeptic.

Cursive Signatures Are A Thing of the Past


pablosigsm sanchezsigsm





Remember in the old cowboy movies where the prospector finds his gold riches and sells it to the wealthy landowner for a pittance?

Make your mark” would be the way they always closed the deal because the gold miner was illiterate and couldn’t write.

We’re getting close to that again because people don’t write, and kids don’t learn or practice, cursive writing anymore. People freak out that the Common Core Standards don’t include teaching cursive.

Some have adopted this practice already. It seems to me that in Costa Rica, making a distinctive mark, with little resemblance to an actual name, is preferred.

Some examples of distinct signatures…

At the top is the signature of Oscar, a local topographer, then second is Pablo, a local attorney, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and finally Barry Obama. All these signatures appear on public documents so don’t fear that I’m putting them out there for bad guys to forge.

What’s the big deal with teaching cursive anyway? Who actually writes stuff longhand? And if people do write longhand they probably print because handwriting is mostly illegible to anyone but the author.

I’m in favor of encouraging kids to learn make a unique mark that they can reproduce at will. And leave the longhand cursive writing to us Boomers.

And I’ll put my John Hancock on the idea.


Friend puts new Costa Rica temptation in my path.


Mike The Iceman (cuz he sold Carrier stuff in his past life) put a new Costa Rica temptation in my path.


The photo above might get me shot in Costa Rica – apparently using a spoon to eat Trits is a gigante nada-nada. They are meant to be inhaled as quickly as possible to insure massive and rapid brain-freeze.


Sorry about the music, the video isn’t mine…

If you want to try a Trit (I say it’s pronounced Treet as the spanish would pronounce the “I” as “ee” come to Costa Rica.) Mike The Ice Man says EVERYONE sells them in here. Or if you’re lucky you might find them at your local US store. They maybe distributed by Frozen Cow Distribution, LLC – the exclusive Importer, Seller, of Trits here in the United States! Contact them: 609-365-2990 or Facebook

I guess you can find them… their Facebook, Twitter, and website are pretty vacant.

Trits are made at Dos Pinos. They have a large plant not too far from our house.

The Trits come to America via boat – 70,000 of the ice cream sandwiches arrive in each shipment – and then a freezer truck delivers them to Murray’s storage facility in Vineland. From there, he personally drives the ice cream to the local retailers that have agreed to carry the product.


All I know is this temptation will be hard to resist in the future.




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