October 2014 Rains Move the Earth Near Atenas


October is supposed to be the rainiest of the rainy season. Not this year at our house… I measured 17 1/2″ compared to 21 1/2″ in September.

Still it was enough to fully saturate the ground causing a landslide which blocked the Autopista del Sol, aka Route 27 – the main highway from San Jose to the Pacific beaches. Reports are that the pista will be closed because of other potential slides. That means one of the alternate routes is down our road. Luckily the word is getting out that this is not a good alternative and traffic is almost back to normal.

Now if we can only get the drivers to stop beeping at the cows in the road… equivalent of Tico road rage… all will be tranquilo!

Cows Blocking Road

No Same Day Loans In Costa Rica

Choosing A Same Day Loan In An Emergency

When people are having a financial emergency, they are able to choose a same day payday loan that is going to help cover the expenses that have been flooding in. Many people do not realize how easy it is to get these loans, but they can follow all the steps below to make sure that they are getting their loan in a timely manner.

Use The Online Form

When people are trying to get their payday loan on the same day as their application, they need to make sure that they are using the online form. These online forms are going to allow people to enter all their information at one time, and they can check the box that says they prefer to have their loan approved on the same day.

When these applications go in, they are automatically checked by the system. The system will generate a response to the application, and the system will contact the applicant immediately. When the system contacts the applicant, it will ask the applicant how they prefer to get their cash.

Receiving The Cash

When people are using these same day loans, they will need to choose how to get their money. They can enter their bank information to get a direct deposit, or they can ask for a cashier’s check to be sent in the mail. In extreme cases, these applicants can go to the office of the lender to get their cash in-hand. When people are trying to get their funds on the same day, they must be ready to tell the lender how they want to get their money.

A same day loan is one of the best ways for people to get out of a bad financial situation. There are many instances when people do not realize that they can use these loans, but they simply need to go through the online form to make sure they understand how to get their loan approved. They can have their cash in a matter of minutes if they follow the steps listed above.

Animated Gif Monday – Skulls Tongue-Wagging on Halloween


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Bingo is a great community event

Bingo at the School

Bingo at the School

Bingo and Fun can only be found together at Game Village Bingo

I have been hooked onto bingo and since I have started playing bingo I’ve learned my Spanish numbers better. So I’ve also looked online…

The online bingo sites have so much to offer, like bonuses, holiday packages and mind blowing bingo games. I have frequented a large number of bingo sites in a bid to find out which site offers the best along with a pretty and classy appearance.


I like Game Village Bingo -A site which recently moved on to the much sought after Cozy Games software however still retains it’s standalone status and unique rooms.


You can join this village themed site by depositing a mere fiver and you would receive a whopping 400% bonus. Also they have on offer a 200% and 300% bonus on your second and third deposit respectively.


I found their bingo games quiet refreshing as the regular 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games have all been presented with a twist. They also have a good range of mini games like, keno, poker and slots. However amidst all this what I loved the most is their remarkably themed promotional offers. In fact, it all made me feel as if I had made a literal visit to a village.

However, folks I feel you simply mustn’t miss out their chat community section and their bingo radio. Do take part in their chat community games and along with bingo meet new, like-minded people. Their bingo radio would make your bingo experience fun, as here you can tune in for some good music 24/7! Well friends Game Village Bingo has all this and much more to offer, we thus say why not try here and know all about this cool bingo site on our own.



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