Smart Car, Dumb Red Tape. — 8 Comments

  1. The smart car has a lot of great benefits. It is eco-friendly, gets great gas mileage and also can fit into tight parking spaces. In response to your storage comment- I’ve seen a smart car and there is plenty of room for groceries and golf clubs. And by the way, most peole only drive around with one other person or by themself anyway!

  2. Hi Eliza.
    I just like the car because it’s soooo cuuuute.
    If you say it has room for groceries, that’s just a nice little extra.
    Golf clubs? You sure? Maybe if you kinda put them in without a bag?
    Or half standing, half laying down? 🙂
    Ah, who cares!
    Where did you see it?

  3. I think the “red tape” that you mention is the fact that our country is run by 2 oil men.

    Just my opinion.

    I like your blog.

  4. Hi Smart4U: love your screen name and email addy. A lot of what’s wrong is too many of our politicians are controlled by big oil and big tobacco.

    Glad you like my blog.

    Do you have $99 down on a Smart?

  5. I just love the car. Aside from the fact that it is eco-friendly, it’s kinda cute to me…like your blog. 🙂