Stevie Nicks? That’s a guy right? — 10 Comments

  1. hey I like Stevie Nicks-I think her voice is sexy, and I have always enjoyed Fleetwood Mac….diff strokes for diff folks

  2. I’m really surprised you have no “golf” posts. Speaking of which, IF you think we might get in a round when we’re there, you should have Nanc tells Sandy that I should bring my clubs!

  3. I am SO ashamed of you! You are as bad as my friend Chas who didn’t know who Bob Seger is. Yes, Stevie Nicks is a female. I like Fleetwood Mac and I like Stevie, but I have never understood why she always have to have a fan blowing on her in concerts and in her videos. I think she likes the way she looks with her hair blowing. She also likes to wear filmy skirts that blow…very feminine looking. Anyway, I like that whiskey and cigarette voice. And I saw the same interview on Sunday Morning. Sorry to say I did NOT think of you when I saw it.

  4. LOL, I’m glad seeing Stevie Nicks didn’t you make you think of me. I can’t remember the last time I had on a filmy skirt.

  5. And you would have been wrong again. Quit while you are ahead. I wonder if others reading this realize we are friends.