When Did You Learn to Touch Type? — 6 Comments

  1. I attended high school in Canada and it definitely wasn’t a compulsory course. But I remember why I took it now-the class was mainly girls;+)
    My spouse is also a fast typist and if we are both in the home office at the same time, I have to leave if she’s keyboarding because it sounds like a machine gun going off.

  2. The one and only course I can recall from my miserable high-school experience that was of ANY direct value to me was typing. I learned on manual machines, with the hokey Lawrence-Welch-metronome music going on in the background, and I got my speed up above 70 WPM before the course was over.

    After college, when I went to New York to be an actor, I got a temp job working for a film company. I typed short voiceover scripts on an IBM Selectric II (the most wonderful typewriter ever made), with producers overing over my shoulder. I got really, really fast in a hurry.

    When I took a typing test four years later, before doing temp work in Nashville (to support my music habit), I tested out at 120 WPM.

    This was all a direct result of my learning to touch-type in high school.

  3. That is, the producers were HOVERING over my shoulder. (Sorry for the typo.)

    They seemed always to be in a huge hurry to hail a cab and drive cross-town to a recording studio. Pressure, pressure!

  4. Hi Dave, I totally forgot about the metronome! 120 wpm is awesome! That’s better than shorthand right?
    (and don’t worry about typos here, we’re not running to catch anything!)
    Thanks for writing.