He remembers it one way, I remember it another. — 4 Comments

  1. Ever visit anyone who was in an “iron lung?” I remember doing that once…but I don’t think I could go back. It smothered me to look at them using that mirror and seeing the maching breathe for them.

    Terrible thing…polio!

  2. I do! My brother dated a girl who’s mother was in an iron lung! I had totally forgotten about her. She was at home and I went with my brother to her house. Pretty scary stuff.

  3. I missed that! Mercifully, we brats in my neighborhood in Toledo missed that experience. The very thought of it gives me what my ancient mother would call the heebie jeebies! I had the audacity at age 8 to wake up one morning with my legs aching so badly I cried smack in the middlr of polio season and there was a whispered discussion by my parents followed by a a rare trip to the doctor. I’d never seen my dad scared before which, in turn, frightened me greatly. My malady? Severe growing pains! Whew!

  4. Heh, you had guts to call “Polio.” I guess that an a Nuke Attack was what scared our parents most.
    Growing pains! You ever hear of a doc now dismiss anything as growing pains? I doubt it would happen.