A Classic Post: Boomer Texting — 6 Comments

  1. WAI: Who am I?
    WAY: Who are you?
    DIPMA: Damn! I peed myself again!
    DITTGPOTRP: Do I take the green pills or the red pills?

  2. @Grandad: LOL – DIPMA
    @Rhea: Right! Every boomer I’ve talked to says they don’t text, but if they have kids that text, they always say, but I”m going to start! I can’t see boomers texting boomers. But what do I know? I don’t even have a cell phone.

  3. TLOWYCTB: Turn Lights Out When You Come To Bed

    WDYGA: Where Did You Go Again?

    WIM: Where is Metamucil

    WIP: Where is Pepto