Bloggers: Stuck for Idea? I’ll Give You Three Free. — 22 Comments

  1. Well, now that you mention it. I want to do another post today and am mulling over several ideas. Maybe you can help me…

  2. @ Rhea: No fair, since you’re really not blocked, but since you asked first, OK.
    What Saved the Blad Eagle
    Role of Watermelons in Summer Parties
    Boomer actors who really KNEW how to smoke.

    @Diva, working on it.

  3. I never seem to be stuck for words [no matter how hard I try], but I’ll give it a go.

    It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with!!!

  4. Ha ha! You remind me of a mad teacher I used to have who’d say something like ‘the life of a brown envelope is not an easy one – discuss’ just so he could skive off for an hour and read porn at his desk. He was good craic.

  5. @Rhea: you must have been really hard up!
    @Grandad: If you are seldom at a loss for words, you don’t need me.
    Your posts yesterday and today were grand!

  6. Freebie for the taking (inspired by K8)
    Compare and Contrast Ann Coulter and Paris Hilton

  7. Compare and Contrast Coulter and Hilton –

    Won’t even clog up my own blog with this one. I will, however, take up space in your comment section. 🙂

    Saw Ann Coulter on Glenn Beck last night. She makes me want to hit something, preferably her. She makes me grit my teeth. She makes me angry.

    Paris Hilton pretty much affects me the same way.

    I love the suggestions for my blog-block! Not sure I actually DO deserve sainthood, but it’ll be fun to imagine for awhile.

    And for the record, I no longer find any joy in babysitting, LOL.

  8. Hi Hippie. I’m so glad you’re back!
    I’m heading to bed, catch you in the morning…

  9. Grandad: If you are seldom at a loss for words, you don’t need me.

    Darn! I had ideas for those posts. My mind is a blank today, as I knew it would be. Because it usually is.

  10. Hippie:
    My fantasy life with Bob Barker
    How I convinced the boss to marry me
    Stressed: not broken
    BTW: it was 9:49 when I headed to bed, not 8:49 as logged under my comment.

  11. Grandad: if you lie, you get warts on your tongue.
    Here ya go:
    Acting the maggot with a Yank
    Bloody bowsie
    Me ould flower is mortified

  12. Hi Meanie: gots to run some errands, thinking about ya.
    Please stand by:
    meanwhile… “because he gave me permission to shift” c’mon!

  13. Teacher’s Lounge: A Semi-true Story
    I almost slapped the snot out of him
    Why scrubs turn me on/off

    Thanks for dropping by! Got to get to work on my first entry:
    Rodent Killer Extradorinaire