Ed Traisman, Killer of Americans, is Now Dead Too. — 3 Comments

  1. Before you condemn a man for trying to make life easier for housewives with his brilliant inventions, you should also note the incredible work he has done to make meats and cheeses safer for all Americans. His work in food safety saved far more lives than the negative side effects french fries did to the overindulgent. Are you going to write the same thing about each and every person who dies that invented something people can safely have in moderation? Ed Traisman was someone I admired. I grew up across the street from him and his family in Monona, Wisconsin. Having spent a lot of time in his home, he was a loving father and grandfather who was nothing but a gentle and kind man. Save your harsh words for someone who has intentionally sent people to their graves without flinching- George Bush for example.

  2. I wonder what people will have to say about you when you die? Have you ever had McDonalds french fries? Have you ever had Cheese Whiz? I’m sure you have! So you can join the huge list of long winded jerks who have nothing better to do than pick apart someone else, when you should be taking a long look into the mirror at yourself! I also grew up with Ed, and his family, graduated with one of his daughters! If you ever met him you would *******choke on your words that I promise you! People choose to eat McDonalds fries, and people choose to put Cheese Whiz on whatever they want! So seems to me that your problem is that Ed beat you to the punch, guess he was just smarter than you! Duh….