One of the Most Ingenious Inventions — 4 Comments

  1. My first reaction, upon beholding the picture, was that it looked like a gynecological instrument. (Not one that’s ever been used on ME, mind you.) Or perhaps a marital aid.

    I TOLD you I was twelve years old.

  2. is the mcflurry spoon like a straw?
    it has a hole on da top rite??
    but does it hav a hole on the bottom too??
    like straw??

  3. adam: I’m sorry the picture is missing. I will make the sacrifice and eat a McFlurry just for you. It isn’t like a straw. The hole in the top is to fit the mixing machine. It is a spoon with a square hollow handle.
    Where do you live that they don’t have McDonalds?