Are Your Favorite Funny People on This List? — 15 Comments

  1. I agree on several of them: Sarah Silverman, Steven Wright (who I went to college with), Paula Poundstone. You have good taste. I also liked Don Rickles; John Candy, Tracey Ullman, Jennifer Saunders, Martin Mull.

  2. That’s cool. You were here commenting on my post, and I was at your place commenting on your design.
    Was Steven Wright a comic in college?

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I made your list?? Just picture me (sitting here in my coconuts) reading away at your list and my jaw dropping, because that’s just what happened. Well, minus the coconuts…

    Thank you – I am honored. And truly happier than a three-peckered billy goat.

    (Btw, Bill Cosby is da man. There is nothing funnier than his old stuff. And Steve Martin – seeing him do standup wearing the arrow through the head thing is literally one of my earliest memories. Chevy Chase…he’s a hoot and a half.)

  4. When Cosby released Himself, the kids and I were quoting it for years.

    Chocolate Cake! Cake has eggs and milk and…
    Lemonade! These aren’t your kids.

  5. “Dad is great! He’s givin’ us chocolate cake!”

    “Smobke!” – I had an overwhelming urge to utter that when I was in the dentist’s chair a few months back.

    We still quote those around here because they are just good stuff.

    Another funny man – Ray Stevens. Just this evening while I was pricing for the garage sale I found a videotape of some of his songs. The kids popped it in the VCR and we spent 30 minutes laughing at his down-home Southern humor. All 3 kids were like, “WHY have you never showed us this before??” Of course, I didn’t mention that I’d tried and they’d refused….

  6. And yes, I know that the proper word was “shown”….I was quoting my grammatically challenged children.

  7. If you want funny, you have to read the blog of Miss Doxie, the gorgeous Atlanta attorney. That chick makes me howl every time — I’ve got a link to her on my blog. Some of the early stuff from her archives, in particular, is just deadly.

  8. Thanks, will do! I’ll add her to my blog roll too, just based on your recommendation.

  9. I never witnessed Steven Wright do comedy in college but he was in a comedy writing class of mine. He sat at the back and said NOTHING.

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