Best Dog Sneezes Ever — 12 Comments

  1. Ohmigod, that was adorable. Put the word ‘dog’ into your headline. Best Dog Sneeze. I bet that would get a bunch of readers. I almost didn’t click on this!!!

  2. I haven’t seen a dog grin like that in ages!!! Me dad used to have a great dane mongrel who sneezed every time he smiled – snot everywhere!!! It looks like your doggie’s head is well glued on, anyway 🙂

  3. K8, I interpreted that look as the aaaaahhhhh in a-chooooooo. But it does look like she is grinning. Great Dane snot flying? Blech.

  4. I never saw Stuff on my Mutt. Thanks for the tip. I have seen Dogs with Cones. I love that!

  5. I think the next time I have a sneezing fit, I’ll lick my nose like Sofi did – maybe it’ll help…

    Too dang adorable – my kids went “awwwww” multiple times!

  6. @Rhea: you can spend a lot of time on Stuff on My Mutt because there are a lot of subcategories!

    @Diva: hehehe, I want to see video of you licking your nose. Or anybody else’s nose for that matter.
    Glad you are off the island!

  7. Seriously! She’s grinning! Not many dogs do it, but a friend of mine had a dog- similar breed and size to Sofi… every time he saw us he’d grin like that for ages, until he cut off a nasal passage and went into sneezing convulsions. He also used to spend a lot of his time lying down with his arse end standing. He was either stretching his back, or hoping to get lucky…

  8. @ Micki, spoilsport!

    @K8, your asides (ass sides) always make me chuckle. We have had dogs grin, and we would tell people and they would look at us goofy, until they saw it and then they would get embarrassed.