Blogging is a Conversation — 19 Comments

  1. This is indeed a pretty cool place….this Blogosphere. I know your experiences since entering it are more positive than negative….has to be. There are just too many good people out there lovin’ what you have to say and the way you say it. We’re bound to come up against someone from time to time who gives us some tricky feedback or disagreement. One thing I know, even in the short time you’ve been around, you can handle any bit of dissension better than most….and with your own special flair.

    BTW…the link for Miss A list doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks from both of us….

  2. I love your enthusiasm. I get really lazy sometimes with responding to comments/commenting. I am always trying a different approach. Not sure where I will end up.

  3. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for the alert on the broken, link, fixed it. I appreciate your calming influence on my spat with the other A lister.

  4. Wow! I get two links in one post – I am, sir, your servant.

    Could you change the link to Blooking Central to a particular post there about the Definition Dilemma? Depending on the origin of some of the essays and using Lulu’s Blooker Prize Competition definition as “anything that appeared on the web”, you may in fact have a blook on your hands.

    [Note: blook is pronounced as if it were the sound a baby makes when it tosses a deposit on your shoulder.]

  5. I knew I could find the proper pronunciation outside a dictionary – not too mention the wit I’ve grown to ingest. Thanks GSL – keep a goin’ !

  6. Hey, thanks for the link, sweetie. I enjoy the conversational aspect of blogging, as well as the freedom not to have to tell all my friends separately “what’s new” . . . and yes, it does create quite an eclectic circle. Most of my online friends are from various pregnancy or mommy groups, but I’ve also got a geek from Santa Barbara in his early 20s, a British writer living in San Francisco, a gorgeous Atlanta attorney, and most recently, present company. Definitely not a bunch you’d find in the same room in realspace.

  7. You’re Velcome, Frau Crumpacker. Ve vant to know about your stay at ah-one and ah-two and ah-three ‘ville.

  8. *grins*

    What a great post. I love it when people keep it real in this bloggystuff.

    I’m Grandad’s daughter though, just a heads up for you… The poor auld fart isn’t THAT auld!

    Just bought a copy of that book for the craic, looks interesting..

    Daffy?!?! You’re Deth-pickable.

  9. Sorry, about the granddaughter error. I read his birthday party post about you.
    Daffy and Foghorn Leghorn, two of the best.

  10. Don’t get yer feelers hurt about Dad Gone Mad not responding. I have gotten a couple of responses out of Danny at DGM, but I figure he’s probably got a lot more traffic than I do and he’s out directing it while wearing an orange vest and carrying a stop sign and, let’s face it, that doesn’t leave much time to reply to folks.

    Just know you can count on me to annoy you with replies whether you want them or not! 🙂

    Just for the record, Heather at doesn’t reply either.

  11. Hiya! So many thanks for giving us (ME) things to think about. Nothing wrong with having a critical eye. And I was tickled pink to get your note before BlogHer! When are you going to go? You can be an honorary BlogHer.