Boomer Truck-a-lucka — 9 Comments

  1. I have several truck drivin’ clients and indeed they have aged into the job. Also I know several married couples truckin’ together – but it’s usually because husband got in trouble with some hot piece of a** at a few rest areas when he was driving solo.

  2. I know couples can run a business together, but being so close day in and day out would take a special pair (of knuckleheads.)

  3. Hmmm…makes ya wonder more, too, about the things they claim are grounds for taking away the license of “oldies”. Oh dear.

    On a more serious note…family in truckin’, I’ve worked in trucking industry, DH in RR’n…both industries HARD, HARD demanding life. You’d be surprised how many truckers are found in their trucks in parking lots of truckstops after suffering heart attacks. Sad and scary.

    Be careful on the road. Watch out for the other guy that may have the best of intentions, but shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

  4. If my husband and I drove a truck together, they’d find our bodies interlocked in half-nelsons in our sleeper in the parking lot of some truck stop. We’d kill each other before we earned our first paycheck. It’d be the music that’d do it – I’d refuse to listen to any more David Allen Coe and he’d refuse to listen to any more SpongeBob.

  5. If my wife and I drove together, I would be a big yellow bloated mess because I like to drink coke and when she gets behind the wheel, ain’t no stopping to pee.
    If I was behind the wheel she would be sound asleep, but want to talk when it was my turn to sleep.