Cop Cars Should Look Intimidating — 3 Comments

  1. Korean cop cars look like taxis but then Korean cops are not respected by anyone but children. But they always drive around with their emergency lights flashing-really! First few times I saw that I couldn’t believe people weren’t getting out of the way until someone clued me in that you only move over if the siren is on. When I asked why, I got the same answer I always got when no one knew the answer. “It’s our culture.”

  2. Funny about them always having their emergency lights on.

    Can you imagine our cop cars with the European bee-boo-bee-boo “siren”
    what do you call that sound? Does it have an official name? hmmmm.

  3. So how do they decide who gets to drive it? 🙂 Whoever it is would be lucky. Much better than the police who aren’t even driving goold ole american cars like the impala or ford crown victoria, instead they ride around on scooters 🙂

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