Five Things I Love About the Irish — 9 Comments

  1. 1. We’re lovable

    2. We invented St Patrick’s Day so you cam all get p*ss*d in March.

    3. We never invaded you [except via Ellis Island]

    4. We apologised for sending you Riverdance

    5. We let you keep Pierce Brosnan and Gabriel Byrne

  2. Try? Waddya mean, Try?

    You know you love us Irish. At the last count 186% of Americans are claiming Irish ancestry, so there must be something desirable about us.

  3. I love the Irish, mostly because they are (1) Catholic and (2) like to drink, therefore they are a hill of fun.

  4. I wish a knew a real Irish person. Head Rambles surely doesn’t truly represent them!

  5. You do know a real Irish person. Me. I’m as Irish as they come.

    I haven’t yet been appointed Ambassador to the United States [surely it’s only a matter of time…] so I can’t say I officially represent the Irish, but ……..

  6. Here’s my dilemma: are you as Irish as they come? Or are you an aberration? You could rightfully ask the same question of me!
    I would answer that we’re probably a couple of odd ducks having a good time.

    I wish you would podcast more! I love hearing your accent.

  7. I can say this for us: We’re not passive-aggressive. If we have a beef with you, we’ll just punch you in the nose then buy you a drink and we’re the best of mates. Other people will carry a grudge and make your life a living hell by talking s**t behind your back.

    I’m not as Irish as they come, but my Gran was born in Dublin.

    Incurable Insomniacs last blog post..La Boheme @ Ville’s