Take the Lucky Seven Quiz — 8 Comments

  1. All five on the left hand, index and middle on the right. I’m right-handed and if by favored you mean, the did the dominant hand use more fingers, then no. And finally, WHAT is up with creeping me the hell out on a Saturday????

    That ain’t right. Just ain’t right.


  2. favored, yes, did your dominant hand get more fingers?
    This is a study that will be published in the New Kentucky Urinal of Fingers as soon as I complete it.

  3. Well since I am a cunning linguist (seriously, I was an English professor but my female students often gave me the eeewww look when I told them that), if you said 7 fingers to me I would hold up 4 on 1 hand and 3 on the other since most of us only have 8 fingers. To be more specific, 4 on the right and 3 on the left.
    OK what do I win? How about a Smart Car?

  4. @Savvy: aha, I knews there was something I liked about you – cunning linquist. LOL, today you would probably be on probation for making a remark like that! You are correct sir.
    You don’t win anything because the correct answer was #1. 😛

  5. Ahhhh sixty, you’re such a funny fucker!

    My face hurts from a fierce fit of the giggles. You should have a health warning on your blog!