Tammy Faye Bakker Is Dead — 26 Comments

  1. I just saw a video of her and god, I had no idea how far gone she was. Really sickly looking.

  2. I thought she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein even while she was healthy. Now . . . . oh my Lord.

  3. Ack, I just looked at the video. Worse than I remembered. Interesting to see her with Larry King, whom Ben and I have long called the Cryptkeeper. She makes him look like a spring blossom.

  4. I cannot believe how cruel and low life’s some of you people are……..this poor women is sick, who know what tge future holds for all of us….we need to show some compassion….

  5. I cannot believe how cruel and low life’s some of you people are……..this poor women is sick, who know what the future holds for all of us….we need to show some compassion….

  6. Hey, life get really ugly sometimes. Certain cancers will make you look like walking death. I just buried my brother a couple weeks ago who looked that way. Fortunately he wasn’t wearing all that make-up while he was alive – only later at the funeral home.

  7. @ann: I know, making fun of the dying isn’t nice. But she’s just such a easy target! I’ll try to wait a suitable time until after a person is dead to make fun of them. What would you recommend as suitable time to wait?

    @PrairieGourmet, hey what is a gourmand? A male gour?
    I’m sorry your brother died of cancer.

  8. Her life has taken her to a very sad ending. I don’t suspect she WILL be around much longer. Not all the make-up in the world would make her look or feel better now.

  9. If you don’t have anything nice to say about Tammy Faye, please DON’T post anything at all. Everyone makes mistakes, God has forgiven her and so should we. I sure you wouldn’t want someone to make fun of you on the internet!!

  10. That lady has always fascinated me. Without intending to sound mean, I always think of her in the last moments of a serious night out dancing when all my make-up is melted and smudged. She makes me realise that it could be worse, bless her.

  11. @Heather: can we make fun of Larry King?
    @Cory: I understand. As long as she is ||| no, when she is _ _ _ OK.
    @K8: Does Kiss do your makeup?

  12. A gourmand is a glutton. A gourmet knows a good thing and when to quit. Hey, we’re way off the subject on this post.

  13. Hi Prairie: thanks I didn’t know that. It’s my blog, if I want to go off topic, I will. :p

  14. If I look like Tammy when I am one step a way from death – that is fine with me. It means that I am not dead. She is one determined lady and I wish I had her strength. The good news about Tammy is if she were to read the negative comments here, she sould look at you and say she and God loves you.

  15. Hey, I’m an equal opportunity insulter. I insult myself more mercilessly than I insult anyone else. Not meant to be mean in spirit, just sort of whistling as you pass the graveyard . . . also, under the law, you can pretty much say what you like about a public figure without being liable for slander or libel. You should hear what I have to say about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and they look fine!

  16. Tammy Faye always knew she was the subject of ridicule for her 4 inch thick trowel of make up and her spiderwoman eye-lashes. It was no mistake. It was her way of standing out and being a “Southern Christian Woman”. I don’t think she threw herself across the bed and wept about it. I saw a documentary about her and during a photoshoot when they wanted to take some of her make-up off, she was very adament about keeping it on. I saw her as a kind of tragic figure actually, although I wouldn’t have wanted to be ker kids. Lots of therapy there.

  17. I saw some of her interview and wow…there’s honestly nothing left to her except for eyelashes.

  18. Yeah, and those were fake of course. Plus I forgot that her eyebrows and eyeliner were tatoos.