Tammy Faye Bakker Messner Is/Was Dead — 8 Comments

  1. My prayers and thoughts are with the family, Tammy is now an an Angel in Heaven, as she was here on earth.

  2. I will miss Tammy’s incredible faith in God and her outlandish make up! But I always liked her and thought if I ever met her we could be friends. She liked to laugh and cry. I will always remember her.

    Her kids should be proud of themselves.

    *warm hugs*

  3. She will be missed by many!

    She not only sang the song “You Can Make It”, she has made it.

    I wish her family peace and comfort. Her energy will remain with us all until we see her again some day.

  4. Check my blog for more about cancer pain. There’s something about hamburgers & fries that become so important when you can’t have them. My brother craved Burger King. He was able to chew it, then spit it out, but oh how he enjoyed the taste!

  5. Whether you were a fan of Tammy’s or not, noone can deny she was a woman of great faith. May she finally rest in peace.

  6. Complete faith til the end. I only hope that I can be as strong as her when my time comes.