THE Boomer Toy Invented When Boomers were — 15 Comments

  1. I remember my lil’ sis saving her 25-cent allowance to buy one of those things! It was fun! Kids today couldn’t appreciate something that isn’t electronic.

  2. “shit happens”, SOL, LOL, “oh pleeeuz”, why not?, “beats me”, ya never know, nuh-uh, no way, bad connection.

  3. I couldn’t possibly change a single thing about the Magic 8 Ball. I love all the techno gizmos that I have to play with,but Magic 8 Ball is one of the few things best left unchanged.

  4. I still have a Magic 8 Ball Mark. I love all those kinds of gizmos. I even have a bigger crystal ball that talks….so, you see where I’m coming from.

    Hmmm, I’ll have to think about those responses….

  5. That is cool. Is it one of the original or early ones? (I guess they still make them????)

  6. I am such a freak that I regularly consulted an online Magic 8 Ball during my pregnancies. “Is my baby a boy?” “Will my baby be smart?” “Will my baby be healthy?” and really being heartened by the answers, which tended to be uniformly reassuring. (Quite likely the damned thing was rigged, but ridiculously, it eased my mind.)

    Yes, I’m completely effing mental.

  7. Nancy was in to the ouija board for real answers. 8 ball was just for easy things, like should I go all the way with Mark?

  8. My kids think that Magic 8 Ball is The Greatest Toy Ever Invented. What with all their Gameboys, Playstations, computers and stuff, I was blown away. And reassured in humankind.

  9. My Gen X son would add WTF?. I would add- Do you really need to ask? and You already know the answer.