What Do You Eat Sunday Evening? — 14 Comments

  1. I love raw cookie dough. What a great dinner idea. As a kid, it was lunch at noon and supper at night. Now it’s lunch at noon and dinner at night.

  2. @ Mushy: I bet you’re a steak-on-the-grill-mid-afternoon-on-Sunday kind of guy.

    @Rhea, my kind of woman!

  3. Whatever is available or catches my fancy. The great thing about living alone is I can have cookies for supper if I wish.

  4. What do you mean by Sunday Evening? Sunday Night? lol

    I had dinner after church this morning. I had supper before church tonight.

    I did not go to any “functions” after church, however, we did have a birthday party for one of the church members.

    I have to say, it it still dinner at noon and supper at night for me.

  5. @ Kay, sometimes just having the choice of doing what you want is worth it.

    @Turbine, good point, evening/night. Cake dough is another favorite snack at our house.

  6. In the winter, I cook a good ould fashioned roast with all the trimmings. LOVE the roasts. In summer, it’s usually something like super-noodles on toast, or maybe home-made pizza if I’m arsed. Dinner’s always served between 9 and 11, proper Spanish style!!

    How do you get worms from eating cookie-dough?

  7. K8, wow! Big meal. My mother always told me that you can get worms from eating anything raw. She lied because I would sneak a bite of raw hamburger from time to time.

  8. Always dinner. Never supper. It was that way in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware growing up, and also here in California.

    Last night the kids had canned ravioli and Ben and I had leftover takeout pizza. The kids would have gladly had popcorn for dinner, though.

  9. Lunch, Dinner, occasionally Brunch and sometimes Lupper (between lunch and supper). We always called the evening meal “supper” growing up, but for some reason we call it “dinner” now. Still, lupper isn’t linner. Go figure.

    (Your momma was right, Wormy.)

  10. True, we have been known to graze at our house. Actually breakfast rolls will morph into a hamburg on the grill followed later by a Coke Float, then Coke and Chips, then scoops and melted cheese, then an ice cream sundae.
    The American Balanced diet: all food groups, some many times over!

  11. Monday-Friday lunch at noon, supper at 6. Saturday lunch at noon, dinner at 7 or 8. Sunday dinner at noon, supper at 6. All food groups at all meals. Lunch has smaller portions. Dinner has higher quality foods and larger quantities.

    Homemade cookie dough? I’d worry about e coli in the raw eggs. Store bought dough? Eat the whole batch. Only the preservatives will kill you. Nice to meet a fellow Cokehead.

  12. Hey PrairieGourmet, welcome to the asylum. ecoli just kills you right? No worms? Yes that’s a concern. Good reason to stick to store bought! Thanks.