Why I Like Dogs Better Than Many Kids — 7 Comments

  1. And, as a parent of three teens, may I add:

    1. Don’t bombard you with their dramas.
    2. Don’t give you lip.
    3. Don’t think it’s all about them.
    4. Don’t talk about themselves every minute that they’re awake.

  2. I think #8 should be left out. Dog fashion business is making huge profits nowadays. But maybe is just their creepy owners who are at fault.

    I love all the dogs, cats, and horses in my family, but I still love human kids more. Besides, some of my pets have been known to have a beer and a smoke.

  3. None of our dogs have asked to wear rhinestones or leopard or fluorescent, or a little bow tie, yet they all do. Are we creepy because we DO buy the stuff?
    You’re creepy because you buy beer and smokes for your underage dogs.

    \__V <— Dog or Deer?)
    / \