A Good String of Profanity Requires Creativity — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t get creative in my cussin’ – my favorite is a simple “damn,” with “sh*t” coming in a close second. If I’m really perturbed I’ll say “Sh*t the bed, Ethel!” which makes my sister giggle like an 11 year old. My newest phrase, though, is “F*ck me runnin’!” Don’t know why, but I use it a lot – like the other night during a lightning storm when one struck the field out front. As I was climbing the wall I was hollerin’ that phrase. After Paul climbed down from the wall himself he laughed till he nearly puked. We’re easily amused here in Okie land. Obviously.

  2. Dear Skinny,
    Climbing the wall? You were outside? You both were on the wall? Let me guess you were watching the lightning, right?

    But that is a good cuss phrase, because it makes no sense at all.

  3. @Jason: Thanks. And thanks for commenting on the design. It really is best in IE. Loads quicker too because of those stupid gigantic background images that you see in FF. Sure wish I could get it to look the same in FF as IE.