Here’s How to Clean Your Personal Sewer System — 6 Comments

  1. That’s what you get reading “Elder” material. What was a young guy like you doing reading publications for old folks? elder def: aged, ancient,of greater age. Since when do you qualify?

  2. @Paul: hope your site is working again. Read what Prairie Gourmet says about “elder”
    @Prairie Gourmet: Paul, Ronni at As Times Goes By and I have a running dispute about using “elder.” They use it as meaning wisdom. I think it sounds ancient.

  3. Today while I was waiting for my soap opera, I caught the last few minutes of an infomercial for some colon cleanse system. There was a runner across the top of the screen telling how John Wayne and Elvis’s colons weighed 45 lbs when they died. I found that information intriguing, but it was when the guy started talking about mucous and intestinal sludge that I slowly put down my sandwich and lost my appetite altogether. My intestinal sludge is kind of personal and I’d rather not discuss it during the noon hour. Ugh.

  4. When would be a good time to discuss your intestinal sludge? I have a weird friend that wants to talk to you.