It’s Friday Somewhere: Friday Five – Bridge Headlines I Don’t Want to Read — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been to London Bridge at Lake Havasu. Trust me, those guys need it more than the Twin Cities do. Apart from the bridge, Havasu is a drunken, drug-infested dump.

  2. Escondildo was extremely boring. Mostly we went to the pool, ate bad pizza, watched cartoons on TV, and shouted at the kids a lot. It’s basically in an inland valley, which means it’s hot and surrounded by hills covered in rocks. But the vacation was free, and my husband was unemployed, so we took what we could get, you know?

  3. All I could think of was San Bernadildo, and I knew that wasn’t right. Welp, I just don’t know what to say other than, glad you’re back.