Pavarotti Sings Theme For Meme — 5 Comments

  1. 1)Any John Belushi or John Candy movie
    4)Howie Mandel
    5)Flew to Las Vegas to collect on a bet that paid off at pretty good odds that I had made several months previously on the Toronto Blue Jays to win the World Series in 1992. Told the boss I had a hot prospect there. The day I quit a couple of years later he asked me whatever happened to my hot Vegas prospect. Best boss I ever had.
    6)I feel a lot more like I do now than I did when I got here

  2. OK, here’s mine:
    1 Memento
    2 Coffee (it makes me gag). I know it’s not really a food.
    3 Ben Franklin was my first choice too – intellectual with wit
    4 Angela of “The Office”; I wrote about this in my July 28 & 29 blog
    5 None – I don’t believe in stealing (personal property, time, or anything)
    6 And to think I could have spent the evening home alone listening to Pavarotti!

  3. @savvyboomer: #5 is awesome!
    @coffee? no kidding! #6 did you understand the question?