Senor Gepetto – Elvis’s Most Poignant Ballad — 4 Comments

  1. YOU ARE A NUT….but I like it! 30 years ago….hard to believe the King has been gone that long…..I was a big fan.

  2. Thanks. I became a bigger fan after he died. Can you imagine if he had remained healthy what his career would be like? The Elvis in Hawaii still gives me chills.

  3. “Around Pinnocho and a bunch of strings
    a crowd gathers with chicken wings”
    Just another typical urban crowd after a tragedy. Great parody, although I must admit the original is my least favorite Elvis ballad. Give me “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

  4. ‘cuz I can’t hep fallin’ in love with yooouuuu. I do a great shower version!
    Thanks for the compliment!