The Fly Fired Me After One Day — 10 Comments

  1. The Fly is so obssessed with MVIS, it is gonna shit on his face one day… Now that I have discovered your blog, I will be back often.

  2. @SavvyBoomer: That’s his schtick.
    @Ragin Cajun: He seems to be able to pick ’em, can’t argue that. BTW: I’m in MVIS, following him.

  3. GLS,
    If you read into it, the HUD patent does not mean they are making the hardware,
    they are making software that will present different configurations and layouts.
    MVIS will be making the hardware, and FWIW, MSFT knows MVIS well.

  4. Hi Jim: I agree. It was Fly that went all nutzoid. MSFT HUD isn’t even close to what MVIS is working on.

  5. sorry, but your dont understand,
    msft is making the software for the mvis HUD.
    they are working together.
    msft development with this is a fantastic thing for mvis