Cronkite, 90, Will Be On Retirement Living TV — 8 Comments

  1. A TV channel for the over 55s? What for? Are we a different species? Do we speak a different language?

    If it comes over here to Ireland it can join the shopping channels, the Asian channels, the God channels, the wine channels and all the other crap I never even bother to look at 🙂

  2. You betcha. I program my TV to skip all those. Consequently there are only about 8 channels left.

  3. ah! that was amusing. poor guy. the “news” just stays in your blood. you just can’t shake it loose but yea, turning into another Larry King would be sad. Being that Larry King does look half dead. Maybe if they “hip” him up a bit for ya, 60? Wear an iPod, start a ranty blog, understand cool Korean lingo from that popseoul site…that kind of thing?

  4. LOL, now that’s a great idea! What would be his street name. WaCro?
    Walt Daddy? TV Cool Cro?

  5. Frankly, I like the idea of Walter being on TV. He’s still smarter than the idiots that I see on other news media. I like the idea of TV for Elders, too. They did a wonderful thing on Elderbloggers and they cover topics of interest to those of us who are older. Face it — we’re getting old and you can run but you can’t hide no matter how you try!