Halloween on a Bourbon Street Balcony — 8 Comments

  1. Hi – I liked this for starters – haven’t looked elsewhere yet. New Orleans sounds like the kind of place I could identify with – as a European, that is. The only cities in the US that I know a bit are L.A., which I deeply hate, and San Francisco, which I love.

    A lot of people came by in response to my invite, but you are only the second to leave a calling card: Did the others take one look at my blog and say – no way I want this guy over at my place???
    Thanks for responding. Now I’ll have a look around your patch, your permission being assumed!
    Take care

  2. Hey GLS, thanks for the plug…The French Market/Flea Market is open. They have done a lot of renovating and had a jazz celebration Sunday to kick it off…the vendors will pick up now. They are hoping to have renovations completed in early 2008, the produce area is not open yet…..

    Been a lot of “Who Dat” going on as the Titans played the Saints last night.

    If you watch the new show K-Ville on FOX, (New Orleans police show since Katrina), they interviewed a Mime last night on the show(silver cowboy)on Jackson Square. I actually had an encounter with him Sunday. As I walked past him he grapped my arm, scared the bejesus out of me! I screamed, I mean I SCREAMED..heads turned..then we all had a good laugh.

  3. Thanks for the flea market update.
    Yeah those street corner guys go for young blondes every time!

  4. thats an interesting place to be for halloween, seeing girls in these costumes wouldnt be as rewarding considering they arent suppose to wear clothes on that street.

  5. i went to the flea market, and why do they call it a flea market, its a market and most of the people there buying and selling most likely have fleas!

  6. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I never understood the rage for NOLA on Mardis Gras. I mean sure it can get wild and crazy, but it brings out those people that I really don’t wanna be involve with. You are dead on though, Halloween in NOLA is where it is at. It’s just as wild without the fights, and ignorance thats comes with other NOLA events.

  7. Franklin- Have you ever been to NOLA for Mardi Gras? I’m not sure what you are talking about but I’ve never had a problem ANY year I have gone. It’s always a wild and crazy event and its why I go back year after year.