Here’s Your Chance to Title a Book — 15 Comments

  1. I guess I figured that medal would do double-duty. Old farts just sounds too informal. Seniors Medal in Murder would work too, except that the murderer may or may not be a senior. I was wondering if “games” could give us more play (pun).

  2. I think so – there is a magazine called Geezer Jock. those people are in 60’s+

    Other thoughts – just trying to prime your pump!
    Fuddy Duddy
    Geezer Gauntlet
    Gold Grave / gravestone
    Geezer Gouged?
    Golden Gates?
    Games Lead to Golden Grave

  3. Geezer Gauntlet: The Senior Olympics might work. I’m having trouble associating golden with grave. Silver is generally used to indicate seniors so I guess I want to reserve gold for the medal.

  4. You probably want murder or a hint of mayhem in the title though, right? Is Senior Olympics or Olympics trademarked or copyrighted?

  5. I’m reasonably sure that Senior Olympics is not – there was a hoohah about it. And actually it’s not the National Games nor the state games that are the background of the book. It takes place at the Six County Senior Olympics (local). Again, to the best of my knowledge, not copyrighted.

    Mayhem in the title was a suggestion from another writer who said that the title Park Ridge (my first book) gave no indication that it was a murder mystery.

  6. Goring for the Gold
    Slaughter at the Senior Games
    Slayed at the Senior Games
    Senior Games Slayer
    Golden Ager Finished Off

    I think I’m getting further away!