I Sleep With a Dog, She Sleeps With a Stud — 2 Comments

  1. Can’t sleep with ’em…can’t even have ’em in the house anymore. Allergies.

    Funny thing is we had Suzy, a Peek-a-Poo (she was adorable), her entire 15 1/2 yrs of life. She NEVER bothered my allergies. Now we have a yellow Lab which we got so I wouldn’t be home alone when DH occasionally has to be out and about working at night.

    Unfortunately, I can’t bring Pedro inside because I break out in hives ALL over if I do. Sneezy, watery/itchy eyes, alternating clogged/draining sinuses, welts up my arms after just touching him lightly…you name it. I so-o-o-o-o-o-o want to be able to bring him in with me, too. He’s SUCH a sweetheart. Big ole loving, soft brown eyes.

    Allergy meds don’t help, either…they close me up and send me sailing into bronchitis everytime.