It’s a ChocoBlarty — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing. I noticed you used cupcake papers. I don’t use them with these because they are so extremely moist they’ll stick to the papers.

    No, muffins are not as sweet as cupcakes. I actually prefer them the next day, after they have completely cooled and been stored in an air tight container.

    Thanks again for sharing. Enjoy.

  2. Yeah, I wondered about that when I did it, but what do I know? That’s they way my wife does it.
    Next day? Not in our house!
    BTW: she didn’t know about the water in the unused thingies. That worked well.
    Thanks again.

  3. I am happy to report that after eating four muffins, they do not stick to the cupcake papers. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh they are goooooooooooood.

  4. Next day? LOL. Yeah my youngest son is a Chocoholic (worse than me)and he devours a half a dozen in about 2 minutes. I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

  5. Didja eat ’em all?! I missed it! Dang Sam Walton!!! I got drug into HIS store, too, and missed the muffins!!! No more Wally World or Gander Mtn. on Chocoblarty Sunday for me!

    LOVE the pic…thx for sharin’! Least I can SEE ’em anyway. 🙂

  6. I have six left. I almost grabbed one on the way in here, but there was some microwave popcorn – horrors – and I picked that up.
    I can’t wait to check my traffic tomorrow and see who picked up the ChocoBlarty!

  7. Oh goody! Gimme one, please! Yum, yum eat ’em up! (Little Rascals…remember?)

    Hmmm…should we make the ChocoBlarty thang a viral thang and boost everybody’s traffic? Maybe each week a different blog could host it? Whaddya think?

    Easy to get the player, search and load their own fav music and add it to the player, then add to the blog. That is, for whomever would want music on their blog. It can be taken of off blog afterwards just as quickly and easily as it is put it onto it.

    If not, I’ll gladly continue to host at my blog. I like a blartyin’!