My Dump Picking Started When I was Young — 6 Comments

  1. The suburban variation of that was trash-picking. My brother would find odd bits that the neighbors had put by the curb on his way to school. To my mother’s horror he would race home with his treasures then dash off for school.

  2. Oh now, you’ve just brought back way too many memories of me and my father to think about at once. Except our truck was a station wagon but our trailer was absolutely homegrown. The axle was from a 32 chevy (rear end, complete with differential) and the wheels had 16″ winter tires from our old 64 Checker Marathon (yup, the cars they made taxis out of. I grew up in the back seat). We never had to change those tires.

  3. >>>big grin<<< I'll bet our trailer was made out of something similar, the tires were bald. Don't you wish you had that car now? Don't all old farts say that!