Older Than Dirt Quiz — 7 Comments

  1. Oh yes, I remember the Wax Coke (lips, too) and the Candy Cigarettes. I know you can still get them, but this also reminds me of orange candy slices because my Grandmother use to keep bags of them in her desk drawer for us grandkids when we’d visit.

  2. I remember all of them, but the Packards & Studebakers I saw were not new and the wringer washer was my Grandmother’s. I must have smoked hundreds of candy cigarettes, but they didn’t lead me to smoke the real things. (Despite what the government says.) It was especially fun to put them in a long cigarette holder.

  3. @Catch Her In The Wry: same here on the washer. I actually owned a Studebaker – a hand me down from my Grandpa.
    @Jim: Yeah, but do you know where your car keys are?