Six Numbers You Shouldn’t Use In Blog Headlines — 8 Comments

  1. I do not believe you know your credit card number!
    Go on – prove it! What is it?

    Numbers I know off the top of my head –

    My phone number [13 digits]
    Mobile number [14 digits]
    Bank account numbers [three of ’em – 8 digits each]
    Credit card number [16 digits]

    And saddest of all….
    Our library card numbers [2 of ’em – 13 digits each]

    I don’t know where or why I came to know the last two 😐

    Oh – and by the way – Google is a number. It’s 10100

  2. I have my Visa check card number, expiration date and security code memorized. Comes from too much online shopping. It’s mighty convenient not to have to stop and go hunt for my purse when I get to checkout!

  3. @Grandad: my credit card number has 0123456789 in it. Interesting about Google. That will probably be covered in orientation.
    @Gretchen: Yep, online shopping will do it. But if I’m giving it over the phone and they stop me? I have to start over from the beginning with the sequence.
    Same with last four digits of SSN.

  4. Without stopping to think about it, try to recite your SS# in pairs of numbers (00-00-00-00-0) instead of the usual 3-2-4 (000-00-0000). Weird.

  5. Social security, driver’s license, credit card, 2 9-digit zip codes,6 bank accounts (of which I also know all the balances, but they are under 6 figures), 3 bank routing numbers,5 cell phones,25+ land line numbers, 13 family birthdays, 8 friends birthdays, 4 family anniversaries, 4 passwords, and I’m ashamed to say too many license plates numbers. Co-workers have been known to use me as a zip code directory, but only for the 5 digit ones. Well, I’m a number cruncher by trade, so it just comes naturally.

  6. Remind me never to try to rob you.
    I’m impressed, number cruncher or not. Bank routing numbers? License plate numbers? hmmmmmmmm