You Can’t Get This Anywhere Else — 14 Comments

  1. ROFLOL…This would make a cool screen saver for my puter @work, but I’d be afraid they’d think I wasn’t working; laughing all the time.

  2. I apologize. I remember correcting that, but I guess I forgot to save it. Thanks for correcting me.
    The ChocoBlarty? WooHoo!!! We are a wild bunch. Chocolate muffins and Rock and Roll.

  3. Hey, I just ate 2 muffins myself, but these were made with Red Velvet Cake Mix, deep red in color but not as chocolaty as the Devil’s Food Cake mix ones, but still good. I’ve made with German Chocolate, Spice, Strawberry Cake mixes, etc. The Devil’s Food and Spice Cake Mix ones are the Best!