Chrysler Bets Future on Past Star Wars Success — 6 Comments

  1. Nope, they sure don’t. Found out the hard way. 90’s Dodge Dynasty (I think a 1990, but can’t remember for certain), got a family emergency call at work, jumped into Dynasty, entered interstate from on-ramp ALREADY hitting 100 mph (no, not exaggerating or kidding), made it home no problem, emergency issue resolved.

    Got back in car to go somewhere, put it in reverse to back out of driveway, Dynasty lurched forward and almost went through the garage door which was IN FRONT of the car. THEN, it died.

    THAT Dodge…0 to 100 in no time flat…obviously couldn’t handle it, though. LOVED that car and miss it this day, regardless.

  2. Best Half drives a Sebring Convert – has had two major transmission issues. Two cars ago I had a Dodge – tranny problems and now I drive a Dodge Magnum. They LOOK good!