Gary Puckett Isn’t a Boomer – He’s 65 Today — 4 Comments

  1. I guess that song he sang: “Young Girl, get out of my life–my love for you is way out of line; you better run girl—you’re much TOO YOUNG girl…” is REALLY APPROPRIATE these days, huh?!

  2. LOL – no kidding! I wish I would have thought of that to add to the post. Thanks! Good one.

  3. Just heard from an high school graduate from back in 1968. Christiana High School, in Newark, Delaware. Frank Hensley 🙂
    He was telling me that Gary is married to his niece. How cool is that ! Was so good to hear from Frank. The best to you and your family. Frank says you all are going to be together at Thanksgiving time in Florida. I have a sister, Evelyn (LYNNE) Mitola who has a place in St. Pete. Treasure Island 🙂 It’s beautiful there !

    Take care and God bless you all !

    P.S. Love your oldies but gooies songs ! Thank God for your talents to share with so many people. Makes me SMILE !