Grossest Places I Have Been…So Far — 7 Comments

  1. There is only one rendering plant left in Illinois due to animal rights activists. The modern US rendering is not like it was when you were a child. However, due to animal rights activists, no new rendering plants are being built. A farmer can bury the animal on his property under very strict EPA regulations. As a result, Illinois is seeing an huge increase of horse farms with dead animals piled up because many animal woners cannot afford to dispose of the animal properly. It is a messy situation.

    Other animal owners are taking the horses to auctions in order to get rid of them before the animals die so they don’t have to deal with the problem. There many animals are purchased and shipped to Mexico where rendering conditions are much worse than you described.

  2. Interesting about rendering plants, obviously not a topic I have kept current about.

    and your BTW: there’s got to be a real good joke there someplace!
    especially since you said he was wildly… LOL.

  3. I thought the guy was doing a rope trick until I realized it wasn’t white rope that was circulating in the air. Fortunately nothing landed on us. Athens is forever etched in my memory now.

  4. I didn’t go into this place, but smelled it instead. It was a Purina pet food plant in Omaha, right next to I-480. Being really hot and humid in the summer, well…the smell would knock a buzzard off of the proverbial **** wagon. Some WPCA facilities smelled better.

  5. Yeah, I bet they had some meat scraps mixed in with all that cooked cereal filler. Blech.