I Hate Blogging on Sunday — 6 Comments

  1. Story of my blog, most of the time. I sort of miss being pregnant; there was always some new bloat or craving or bulge or insulting stranger’s reaction to report. (See Mr. Baby Show Archives under Pregnancy.)

  2. I didn’t know you then, but I have noticed a change since you have gone back to work. Which is not a criticism, just an observation. I think once you start blogging about your co-workers you’ll be on a roll again.

  3. I’m afraid everybody will go away if I skip a day. (Insecure) Turns out, I did five posts yesterday. (Two published today.)

  4. Can you say OVERACHIEVER? I do good to post once a week these days! I long for the days of blogging daily…. Of course, I also long for eating homecooked meals and seeing my children in a light other than that of my computer screen or their nightlights.

    College sucks.

  5. Not really. You lead a complicated life and write lots of quality stuff. I have to spin off other people’s posts and lives to find something interesting.