I Need Some Sensitivity Training — 4 Comments

  1. Screw the irish. Pack o’ leprechauns. Though for some reason, my server is routed through there. Gio figure …

    Anyway, my joke is in equally bad taste as yours, but on a different topic:
    How do you make an orphan bleed?
    Tell him to clap hands ’til daddy comes home.

    Feel free to punch me.

  2. Sixty,

    There are plenty of bad taste jokes for Caucasions out there. The difference is: we’re just careful not to say them in mixed company. On the other hand, I say call a spade a spade. Does that mean I’m referring to a a black person or referring to a “situation” as it really is? Maybe it depends on the source it’s coming from and the intent behind it.

    Calling a black woman a “brown noser” isn’t offensive to me at all. You’re calling “a spade–a spade” 🙂