In Kentucky, Mary Jane’s Cousin Should be Legal — 7 Comments

  1. Yah, this is extremely stupid. Hemp is big business in Cali — you can buy hemp clothing and even hemp waffles.

    Ben and I have matching t-shirts with a picture of Shemp from the Three Stooges that say LEGALIZE SHEMP.

  2. If I remember correctly, the University of Illinois has a permit to grow industrial hemp and is conducting research that will hopefully lead to legalizing it. There is alot of marijuana that grows wild around here (in addition to some that is cultivated).

  3. Hee. If pot is growing around here, it was planted. Every so often all the law enforcement get together for a big photo opp with all the pot they have confiscated.
    Gotta keep those D.A.R.E. grants coming in to pay for the fancy Camoro and Corvette they take to schools to publicize the dangers of drugs.
    Forget the fact that they only way most of these kinds in rural counties can afford such a car is to start selling drugs.
    Oh yeah, hemp – I bet KY misses the boat on this and all the states around us will have saturated the market before its legal here.

  4. interesting post. makes sense they would legalize hemp. I didn’t know there was such a difference between the two.