Live In House Many Moons Chemo Sobby. — 5 Comments

  1. Oh man, I wouldnt care if it worked or not .. as long as it was fun to play with. Perhaps if it don’t work, you can figger out something else to use it for.

  2. Red: $150 for a remote control toy is more than I’ll spend! I just hope it works!

  3. Holy smokes … it IS that time a year in some places already, isn’t it? Our leaves are just starting to turn here in the Southern Utah desert. We have five huges trees in our yard that produce six billion leaves each. But that’s not the worst of what we have to bag. The worst of it is that when the wind creates a funnel for all the leaves from up the street straight into our yard so they can nestle up against our house and fence … like huge snow drifts only they don’t melt and eventually disappear. It’s not cool that our leaves don’t clean themselves up like they do in the rest of the neighborhood. The grandkids love it though.

  4. Jumping in leaves – fun. I miss being able to burn leaves. As we got older, we would set piles on fire and ride our bikes thru them.