Splenda – the Alternative to Sugar (a blook) — 16 Comments

  1. Hi, this is reg (aka swimming upstream,aka joebec, aka small whore) sorry for the confusion. you could pass on to p fuzzbox, they haven’t had a turn yet.

    great job though on you contribution!

  2. @ CowGalUtah – you are too kind.
    @joebec – I will do my best to pass it along to p fuzzbox. You also are too kind.

  3. Hee. Do you think anybody is reading the previous posters contributions? I think you win the prize for paying attention.

  4. 😆
    i love this..fuzz will doubtlessly have a ball….i’ve been giggling all the way through…after fuzz, poseidons muse is going to finish it off….for now i’m going to copy and paste into the page over at the nook…
    thanks for contributing…this has been a blast i have to say…not to mention cheesy!

  5. not too sure the world is ready for it in blook form, but like i keep saying, days of our drearys and the young and the restless don’t know what they’re missing….i will go check out the link though…sounds interesting…

  6. @Fuzz – I’ll check it out.
    @anonymum – you can have my share of the royalty.
    @Cheryl – me serious?

  7. Hey GLS,
    I like the way you think – I’m with you…good job – now pass it to Fuzzy and your committment is over. I’d definitely would invite you again if we revisited this idea. But I liked the instruction manual as well – always good to know what to do with your hemingway. 😆