This is My Kind of Humor — 4 Comments

  1. Hey, I LOVE the Stooges. It’s one of the reasons my husband married me. Our boys play Three Stooges all the time. Matt always wants to be Moe; Sam likes to be Curly.

    I agree that hot sauce is rather, I don’t know, pedestrian. Same thing goes for ketchup. I can handle hot sauce on Mexican food (which is SO ubiquitous in So Cal) but apart from that, forget it.

  2. I think all the hot sauce with the goofy names comes from the same place, just different labels.

  3. I remember once growing up, the pastor’s wife sent some jalapenos home with us from church. Dad had been boasting that nothing was too hot for him. At lunch he proceded to be the big studly man in front of his wife and two daughters and just bit one right in two. I remember laughing so hard I fell off my barstool because not only was he sweating profusely, but I really think he wanted to cry. All we could do was laugh. A lot.

    I love a good stupid, slapstick comedy and you can’t go wrong with a video where someone gets wounded, although I do not and have never liked Jackass. I rented both of ’em for Paul one night and I thought the poor guy was gonna have a stroke he was laughing so hard. I think they go too far, but the Stooges? Oh yeah, that’s good stuff.

  4. I loved Jackass too. But that was when you couldn’t see this kind of stuff on youtube. Now it’s lost it’s edge.