Warning: Mood Altering Audio Files — 6 Comments

  1. Damn! I don’t have speakers on my work computer, but will try to check this out later. I’m very susceptible to mood-altering music. In particular, Elvis Costello’s “This Year’s Model” dates back to his heavy booze and coke days, and is permeated with hostility. I finally had to stop listening to it because it was making me nasty. Antidote: the Grateful Dead.

  2. Naturally it’s just goofy sounds. But it’s on a loop, so you could start it and let it play and see if anybody notices – check that – see how long it takes for anybody to notice. I suspect it could be days in your house.
    New antidote: Lots o’ Red Wine?

  3. Too right. No one can hear themselves think at our house, which my 23-year-old calls The Noisiest Place On Earth. Red wine sounds good, although I’m trying to go easy on that, mostly because I completely suck at “in moderation”.

  4. LOL – The reason screw tops will never come in to real acceptance by wine makers. Once that cork is out, it’s bottoms up.
    Your 23 yo, doesn’t help? Or you don’t ask?
    How come we don’t hear stories about her? hehehe
    What does she have stashed around the house? I loved the Boolie post today.
    I’m trying to think of career paths where this skill would come in handy.

  5. Ha. Erika hates it when I blog about her. And no, I don’t ask her to help with the kids. She has a full-time job, a husband, two dogs, and an army of reptiles and tarantulas. The best thing about my kids is that they are the best birth control incentive Erika could ever have. Any dreams she might have about having babies anytime soon are dispelled when she visits our house.

  6. Sounds like Erika needs to start a blog! “Child of Hippies”
    “Child of Winos” “No, they are NOT my kids” so many possibilities!