We Need to See Pictures of Soldiers in Coffins — 6 Comments

  1. thanks for the link. I’m glad Miss Doxie is back, I never got to read her on your recommendation, because she took off.
    I’ll put her in my RSS now.

  2. I am the father of Kyle. I filed suit against this photograph being published for all to see. I find it offensive that you think my son should be the poster-boy for a anti-war movement. Personally, I never supported this war; however, honoring my son’s sacrifice is more important to me than using this photgraph to express my political views. In addition, this photgraph was taken against the wishes of the family. Our grief is NOT a public event. We allowed many people to attend the funeral simply to honor our son. If you think publishing photgraphs will change the public’s opinion on the war, you are wrong. This photograph is wrong, and is a violation of privacy. The Appellate Court Justice hit it on the mark when they said “it may protected under the 1rst Amedment, but it is in bad taste”.